The Start area will be the beach in front of the marquee, between the Hamble jetty to the north and the lifeboat slip to the south.  

To ensure clear starts & maximum enjoyment, Boats to muster prior to their start, south of the lifeboat slip, gradually walking their craft to the start area to be in time & place for their start. 


1 member of the crew will run from a set point to alight in the craft held in position at the shoreline to be let go when the runner has boarded the boat. The remaining crew may man their places in the boat prior to the start, It is advised that the vessel can be floating and in a depth sufficient to stop grounding and rudder damage.

Other rowing classes to start from a line off the beach on the day. TBA

Canoes, Kayaks & SUP start will be from a line off the beach on the day. TBA.


The trots are a series of moorings in a line, strung between either buoys or posts. The aim of the race   organisers is to keep the  competitors course running between the river bank and first line of trots at all times apart from the 4 river crossings ( to & return ) and the passage past Premier Marina via the lit port & starboard piles south of that marina.

FINISH. Will be when 1 crew member has touched the starting point base and rung the bell. This applies to Trinity 500’s, Egrets, Bursledon Gigs & Outrigger canoes. ( Unless  dispensation has been granted ) 


Our regular safety reviews can result in rule amendments. Please read the instructions and guidance notes distributed on race day at registration. When competing the standard rules of the road apply, but to sum up;  

  •  International Rules for the Prevention of Collision at Sea apply. 
  • Overtaking boats keep clear. Any collision caused by an overtaking boat will be penalised.
  • No competitor will act in an intimidating way to other competitors or other river users.
  • Competitors to keep clear of yachts and boats travelling upon the  river, particularly sections traversing the river.
  • All boats must declare their finish or retirement upon return to    Hamble Quay.
  • All craft to follow course as described, any deviation will result in   disqualification.