The Usual Rules and Regulations

Entering the Raid 

  • The event is open to any human powered craft which can navigate the course.  If you are unsure which class you fit in, or if you are eligible, please contact the organisers. The organisers decision on eligibility and category is final.
  • Broadly, the Raid  is divided into rowed and paddled craft. Craft are handicapped, with the slowest craft starting first and fastest last.  In addition to the handicap  trophies, there are a number of established classes,  however if three or more of a particular type of Craft enter a separate category will be created for you, so you will always have close competition and a trophy to compete for!
  • All boats must complete an Entry form & self certification of seaworthiness. This is to be signed by skipper / Cox / legally responsible person on registration.
  • All entries to be insured for both public liability and individual persons.
  • Any towing or recovery is undertaken at the boat owner’s risk. Boats advised to carry a 10’ bow line suitable for towing.
  • Crew numbers are open. Crews may freely change positions during the race but outside substitution or assistance is not permitted.
  • It is recommended that buoyancy aids are worn but left to the discretion of individual skippers or youth leaders.
  • Race entries close at 09:30 In exceptional circumstances, late entries may be permitted at the organisers discretion and subject to the late entry rates.
  • Canoeists in the ranking WWR discipline should hold British Canoeing Membership. Membership is not required for non ranking categories. Note= Can we have a box on the form asking for British canoeing membership number  for those enter the WWR class.
  • Private support boats or spectator boats must keep clear of boats racing.

On Race Day

  • On arriving at Hamble Quay one member of your team should visit the information tent to confirm you have arrived and to collect your race numbered bib.
  • The bib issued must be worn by the person nearest to the bow of the boat for the duration of the race. It must be clearly visible. If it cannot be seen, you may not get a result recorded. Bibs must be returned after the event, and prizes will not be awarded until all bibs have been returned.
  • Rowing gigs  and larger craft should be launched and taken to the beach. Competitors in Canoes, Kayaks and SUPs should leave craft in the designated holding area ashore.  Boats should be placed as near as possible in race order, with slowest (which start first) nearest the start line. Boats which need to be left afloat may be tied to the quay wall or public pontoon.
  • A competitors briefing will be held shortly before the race.
  • Marshals will be on hand to assist. Please follow their instructions.
  • After the first boat has started, boats will be called to the start line at short intervals. Please be ready to go!

During the race

Racing Rules

  • The race takes place on a busy river with a considerable amount of leisure traffic. Raid Patrol boats (identified by orange flags)  and the local Harbour Master will be on hand to stop traffic where the race crosses the main channel, and to indicate the course if you are unsure, however competitors are required to keep a good look out and avoid collisions.
  • The race sees a number of different types of craft compete, with a wide range of ability and experience. Some of these may not be used to racing together, or used to racing at all. Might is not always right. The following rules shall apply:
  • Boats shall keep a good lookout
  • Overtaking Boats  shall give appropriate warning of their intention to overtake a slower Boats, indicating which side they intend to pass the slower Boat if they are likely to pass closely.
  • A slower boat shall not deliberately impede a faster Boat.
  • The River is narrow in places, and so faster Boats should give consideration to the most seamanlike location for overtaking slower Boats
  • Boats shall not cut corners, or travel between vessels moored on Pile Moorings.
  • When rounding a mark, the Boat closest to the Mark shall have right of way.
  • All competitors shall obey marshals instructions, and failure to do so may result in disqualification.
  • Protests are strongly discouraged. The organisers discretion is final. Frivolous protests may result in both boats being penalised.
  • Time penalties may be given at the organisers discretion to any Boat not complying with these rules.

After the Race

  • As you approach the finish line, your number must be visible to the finish team on the committee boat.
  • Boats should be removed from the finish area as soon as possible. Boats may be left on the beach, or in the holding areas.
  • A prize giving will take place after the conclusion of the peanut race


  • Trophies are returnable unless otherwise stated. We encourage everyone who wins a trophy to return in 2022 to defend it, but if you cannot make 2022, please ensure it is returned! 


Peanut Race

A short secondary race will be held after the final Boats have crossed the Raid finish line.

This will take place between two buoys within sight of the beach and will be for any dinghy up to 2 M, rowed by a child up to 8 years old.

Competitors for this race shall be registered at the information tent  in good time by an appropriate adult, who shall remain responsible for their child during the Peanut Race.

This is intended to be a fun race and aims to inspire the next generation of oars-people.