Rowing Notes

ROWING NOTES : Much thought has been given to handicapping and the leveling out of performance with regard to the types of oars used, be it ‘Britannia’, ‘Macon’ or ‘Spoon’ or ‘Cleaver / Axe / Blade’ . It has been concluded that in the overall picture rowing style, technique, stamina and the trimming of the boat play a greater role in the overall performance particularly with regard to long distance races and amateur crews.

Some boats row 2 up resulting in a lighter and perhaps faster boat for short distances but obviously requiring immense stamina for the longer haul.

It is considered that the ‘Ran Dan’ style of 3 rowers produces the greatest power to weight ratio. Other boats row with 4 rowers and obviously carry more weight but have more stamina for the longer row.

The carrying of a Cox is encouraged and allowed for as mentioned previously but is not mandatory. It has been considered that whilst carrying a Cox increases load weight, the Cox’s contribution in ensuring direction, cohesive rowing and encouragement out weighs other factors. Thus no adjustment will be made for carrying a Cox or not.

In the past, oar length was considered but eventually agreed that whilst those who could wield longer oars and power the craft faster may benefit, oar length would be dictated by what each crew could manage efficiently, extra length in the wrong hands is not advantageous. However as the years have progressed we have noted that the use of sweeps against sculls can create a noticeable difference. Sweeps are large diameter shafts and have long grips for two hands which can deliver more power against the sculls which have thinner diameter shafts and single handed grips. Thus please beware of class / trophy demarcations with regard to this difference.

Types of Oars

It has been decided that it would be unfair to penalise a crew and that attention should be given to ensuring a fun event with trophies allocated to oar type. Thus, the committee will continue the use of a staggered start based on consideration of oar type, crew numbers and committee experience to ensure a clean start, minimal bunching at the first mark and a close finish to the benefit and enjoyment of all.

The trophy list indicates oar length demarcations. Download Trophy List here